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Feb. 13, 2023

Conversation with Spiritual Guide, Mentor & Teacher Naranjan Nota!

Conversation with Spiritual Guide, Mentor & Teacher Naranjan Nota!

In this episode, we explore the realm of Naranjan Nota, a spiritual mentor. Join us as we delve into the topic of the Law of Attraction and how a spiritual mentor can assist in leading you to your ultimate potential.

Naranjan Nota Bio: 

Naranjan Nota is a Spiritual Guide, Mentor & Teacher. She helps you identify how others’ opinions and judgments may deter you from meeting your goals, both personally and professionally. Naranjan spent over 15 years in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors as an employee and consultant. Simultaneously, she spent over two decades learning and reigniting her energetic gifts, working with the unseen higher realms and bringing them into a form for humans to understand and process energetically.
She dives deep into the core karmic issues that manifest as anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem/self- worth, and a fear of being visible, and transforms them into understanding, knowledge, and wisdom resulting in joy, peace, and an enhanced feeling of compassion towards oneself and others. She invites you on a courageous journey to transform to your true self. Now is the time to embrace the infinite possibilities that await you to integrate the mind, body, spirit and soul.


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