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Amazing show!

I am so glad I came across this show! I’ve taken so many actionable and practical nuggets of advice to implement. Love tuning in!

Rachel Wellner review

She was an excellent, polite, pleasant and engaging host. She felt more like a friend than an interviewer and made me very comfortable when speaking about my books. I recommend her highly!

Blue Alchemist with Tina Erwin

Siquoyia is kind, smart and intuitive and opens the flaps of out of the box thinking to share new insights with her viewers, especially with Tina Erwin. Who knew that there are as many types of ghosts as there are people? Are tarot cards bad? What do ghosts and alcohol have in common? This was a great podcast.

One of my favorites

Provoking joyful and full of insight

Fun host

I really enjoyed being a guest on the show. Siquoyia does a wonderful job of leading the conversation keeping her audience in mind.

All about music, life and more

Interviews by Sequoyia are always fun, interesting, and informative.

LOVE- Breaking all the Rule (in the best ways)

Sequoia is amazing and love that she is sharing the other side of the stories. Such great episodes. I can’t wait to binge some more. Thank you so much for this show. It’s refreshing, fun, and engaging


Siquoyia and I had a really good conversation! She is a fun and engaging host ✨

Love❤️❤️❤️Blu Alchemist..

I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve never listened to one before the pandemic and happy it’s you three. The Siquoyia is so great! I look forward to hearing you.Absolutely hilarious..And i love your new informative episode <Be yourself>.

Teaching you how to hack life!

Listened to the episode “Lottery Code?” Enjoyed this episode with Brett Registre. Had no idea there was a way to crack the lottery. I see now why I never did because his philosophy is so mathematical. The number of combinations he used is insane! Love your interviewing style and how you engage your guests. The music is smooth and not overbearing. Your enthusiasm and overall energy is very welcoming. I recommend this podcast to anyone looking to find the hacks in life. Becoming an alchemist and turning lead into gold!