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Nov. 6, 2022

Graphic Design Biz, Jamaica and Life!

Graphic Design Biz, Jamaica and Life!

In this episode we dive into the graphic design industry in the eyes of CEO Yanique DaCosta!

Yanique DaCosta Bio: 

Yanique DaCosta was born in Kingston, Jamaica. DaCosta graduated from Florida Atlantic University and Full Sail University with a BA in Fine Arts and an MFA in Media Design.
She is the founder and owner of YKMD.

With 12+ years of design experience, the United States Department of Labor recognized her as an expert in Brand Development and Graphic Design by engaging her as a consultant for the federal 0*Net program.

Yanique currently sits on the Executive Board of the Graphic Artists Guild, where she was elected National Treasurer by the organization’s membership. She is also the International Council of Design delegate, representing the Guild and teaching graphic artists at varying international conferences and meetups. She is an acknowledged contributor in the 15th and 16th editions of the Graphic Artists Guild’s Handbook: Pricing and Ethical Guidelines, a national reference book for professional graphic artists and agencies.


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