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Feb. 20, 2023

Let's Talk Music with Musician and Podcaster Phantom Electric Ghost!

Let's Talk Music with Musician and Podcaster Phantom Electric Ghost!

In this episode, we explore the realm of music with Phantom Electric Ghost, a musician and podcaster, delving into its depths.

Phantom Electric Ghost Bio: 

What is a Phantom Electric Ghost?

Keith better known by his stage name Phantom Electric Ghost or alter ego.

Josephine Electric, is a dedicated electronic musician and producer, hailing from

Concord, New Hampshire. Phantom Electric Ghost is a one-person band that has.

been his vehicle for expressing sounds and concepts that Jones calls Expansive.

Sound Experiments or sound paintings. Jones is a cancer survivor who overcame a

level 3 Sarcoma in 1997.

In 2016 we started the Phantom Electric Ghost podcast on the Sparemin platform.

Started initially from an interview with New York’s “Rock Tunes” we then expanded.

to interviewing emerging and independent musicians worldwide. Since 2016 we

have expanded to, StreamYard, Swell, and Wisdom. Over 800 episodes

since 2018 we now interview, life coaches, mentors, CEOs, film makers, authors,

Shamans or anyone we find with a compelling story.

Our podcast is featured on and can be found on all podcast platforms.

including Spotify Video Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts.

2019, PEG released on his indie label Expansive Sound Experiments “The Flower

That Blooms at Midnight in the Tomb” and synthwave and experimental album

created almost entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-Z multimedia synthesizer.

and sequencer.


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