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How to remove ghost with Tina Erwin! #ghost #spirits

In this episode we dive deep into how to remove ghost from the home. We speak on different spirits that can take over a person while drinking alcohol and much more! Tap in and catch a vibe!

Tina Erwin Bio:
Tina Erwin is a Ghost Helper. Tina is passionate about being a "Ghost Helper." Her mission is to teach the living how to help the dead. She wants to empower everyone to help any ghost they may find. Tina says that this is the compassion we will all want for ourselves. She urges everyone to use The Crossing Over Prayer™ on and in “The Crossing Over Prayer Book©”
Tina has studied metaphysics all of her life, gaining insight into the mystical world of magic and spirituality. She is the author of eight books on metaphysics. Her writing comes from an intense desire to know and understand the hard science behind the unseen world of action and reaction combined with a sincere desire to share this understanding with other knowledge seekers.


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